Notre Histoire

Manufacturer of delicacies, discoverer of treasures

20 years ago Anne and Hermann settled in Saint-Remy and started to write the delicious story of the Petit Duc, but before creating anything, they wanted to check what already existed and so Anne undertook historical investigations in libraries in Europe, and Hermann, master pastry chef, took care of the production.

This was the origin of the first Petit Duc recipes; recipes from the roman era and the 14th century mix with these creations to result in the creation of a genuine philosophy of sweet delicacies: simple, real products with little sugar using traditional techniques to create an explosion of flavours on the palate and products which taste of what they are.

Today the Petit Duc is a laboratory for manufacturing, art and experimentation, and also a discoverer of treasures to provide our customers with the very best delicacies … or at least we think so.

Le Petit Duc