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du Petit Duc

Le Petit Duc, maker of sweets, is also discoverer of treasures. This collection of sweets brings together our favorite sweets, all from traditional know-how and always made according to the rules of the art by passionate craftsmen.

Feuilles de menthe



de Nemours

A unique know-how, the fruit of a tradition dating from the Middle Ages!

Created by François Etienne
Desserey in 1850, Poppy flowers are still picked by hand and then incorporated into sugar.


de Carpentras


au Miel


à la Violette

A mix of

anise, orange, lemon, raspberry, liquorice and caramel candies ...

time to fall back

in childhood. Simply essential!

A timeless classic and
so good

The famous violet of our childhood with a delicate fragrance without any acidity

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